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    For us and in our school, education is much more than a process of transfer of information or knowledge. It is rather a process of development of abilities already latent in our students, a process that builds up awareness, self-confidence, thinking skills and character formation. The medium of instruction is English with Tamil and Hindi as second languages Syllabi followed is that of Central Board of Secondary Education.

    Life skill education aims to provide students with strategies to make healthy choices that contribute to a meaningful life. Life skills are the abilities that help to promote mental wellbeing and competence in young people as they face the realities of life. It helps the young people to take positive actions to protect themselves and to promote healthy and meaningful social relationship. Life skill facilitates a complete and integrated development of individuals to function effectively as social beings. It further encompasses thinking skills, social skills and negotiation skills. It also helps the young people to develop and grow into well behaved adults.

    Mere academic knowledge without deep rooting in moral and spiritual values will only fashion the personalities who may become rich in material possessions, but will remain poor in self-understanding, peace, and social concern. Emphasizing this fact, Swami Vivekananda said, “Excess of knowledge and power, without holiness, makes human beings devils.”

    As a humble step towards achieving the goal of exposing and sensitizing our children to the educational vision of national heritage, our School imparts Value Education referring to the morals in the Epics and the teachings of great men thus help our children to imbibe certain fundamental values and internalize them in their daily life and interpersonal interaction.

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