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Multi Media :

    At the KG and primary levels, kids and children in our school enjoy most the multimedia learning and our teachers are adapt in using audio visual media for teaching, learning together and dancing to rhythmic tunes.

Co-curricular :

    The options available for co-curricular activities is wide - Vocal music, Dance, Drawing, Art, craft and Karate. Students explore the various options and along the way find their niche and enjoy developing their skills in the specific areas of their liking. In the process a different and integrated aspect of their personality develops without their not even being aware of it.

Infrastructure Facility :

    Spread over a vast area of over 6.5 acres of land adjacent to Gnanamani campus is an architectural beauty. The architecture is so designed that each of the academic blocks - pre-primary, primary sections are located in separate modules, a computer lab, audio visual room and a library.

    The virtual learning environment allows schools to bring together tools for teaching and learning and offer them over the internet to students.The environment is also a good way for keeping parents upto date and involved in their childs schooling.

Nutrition, Snacks and Lunch :

    A child who takes a balanced diet enjoys good health and remains cheerful which in turn helps him/her to concentrate well in all the activities. It is important that a child's diet is both good in quality as well as adequate in quantity. Fruits and vegetables contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body. We suggest the parents to help the children take nutritious food in the school campus which we provide.

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